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local is the default, general purpose authentication scheme, supporting Cookie and JWT login flows.

By default local scheme is enabled and preconfigured.

TIP: You can set strategies.local to false to disable it.


auth: {
strategies: {
local: {
endpoints: {
login: { url: '/api/auth/login', method: 'post', propertyName: 'token' },
logout: { url: '/api/auth/logout', method: 'post' },
user: { url: '/api/auth/user', method: 'get', propertyName: 'user' }
// tokenRequired: true,
// tokenType: 'bearer',


Each endpoint is used to make requests using axios. They are basically extending Axios Request Config.

TIP: To disable each endpoint, simply set it's value to false.


propertyName can be used to specify which field of the response JSON to be used for value. It can be undefined to directly use API response or being more complicated like auth.user.


This option can be used to disable all token handling. Useful for Cookie only flows. (Enabled by default)


  • Default: Bearer

    Authorization header type to be used in axios requests.


To do a password based login by sending credentials in request body as a JSON object:

this.$auth.loginWith('local', {
data: {
username: 'your_username',
password: 'your_password'